Official OwnerBe Whitepaper v0.1, last updated 1 December 2022.


OwnerBe is an NFT-based social media platform that creates and brings together communities sharing interest and ownership of NFTs. Our goal is to provide a space for users so that they can build stronger and more connected communities. We do this by rewarding their contributions back to their self-created communities. Please don't be afraid when you want to post the article. Anyone can write and upload anything they want to and feel like.
OwnerBe service wireframe


No more ‘right-click savers’. You can only set your profile picture (PFP) with an NFT you own. Everybody will notice your ownership immediately. Having the same pictures does not necessarily mean their ownership equals yours.


You deserve your space to discuss with your members. Membership is your forum for your collection. Gather and 'buidl' together in an organized manner. Only holders can join the private space.

Turn your post into an NFT

Daily posts, shilling, useful information, questions, or anything that can be your NFT posts. Your contribution will be appreciated and rewarded by OwnerBe. As your post gets more traffic, you will get more $BEST. Have you ever imagined becoming the originator of a meme? People will remember that since the blockchain will record you as an author.

Progressive decentralization

OwnerBe will be decentralized, and the community will own and run it progressively. We are in the early stages of decentralized architecture. The cost and difficulty are too high to build and run the community platform on it right now. Therefore, the team will focus on building and running it properly first. After achieving product/market fit and having a robust community, sufficient decentralization is the way to go with proper tech stacks at the right time.
We specifically borrowed this model from Jesse Walden and Andreessen Horowitz here.
Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this white paper should not be taken as financial advice. Development priorities, roadmaps, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors.
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