As of now, we are getting the collections' titles from Alchemy APIs and they become membership names. But you will be able to edit the names soon as we update the platform.

  1. Each NFT collection becomes a membership in OwnerBe.

  2. Membership space opens automatically when at least 5 OwnerBe members have the same NFT collection. Before it has 5 members, you can only invite other users by pressing the Invite button and sharing the URL with newcomers that haven't connected their wallets to OwnerBe before.

  3. By pressing the Invite button from the My membership page, your referral link will be copied to the clipboard and you will be rewarded when others sign up OwnerBe with the link.

  4. (But the reward for users who abuse the referral system by connecting empty wallets will be restricted)

Every membership has two spaces.

Open Space

This space is a public space for the NFT membership. Anyone can read and share. Projects can communicate with public potential holders.

Members Only

This space is an exclusive space for the NFT holders, so no one can join the space without holding the NFT. Projects can build a good rapport with their holders in this space.

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