🌐NFT community platform

There is no proper NFT-based community platform

Most NFT projects rely on existing platforms that are not built for them. Meaningless and endless chat conversations cannot meet their needs. Finding a community where you can share and get precise and official information about NFT projects is difficult. Too many channels and scattered information add up to confusion. Those pieces of information have to be arranged and sorted. Users deserve to have a space where they can share their common interests and information in a more organized way.

When you are active in NFT communities, you must often interact with your NFTs. You'll feel vulnerable when you have to click the external link for NFT verification. There have been various scams related to the step. Furthermore, NFT communities have to differentiate and specialize their holders' experiences by adding more utilities to their NFTs. But Web2 platforms are not doing well in those parts because they don't want to bother their average users. Most of them still believe that NFT and Web3 are scams or illusions. So those Web 2 platforms have to be passive when they install or support NFT services.

  • information volatility and scattering from chatting platform

  • Difficulty of arranging information

  • Not supporting NFT authentication inside of the platform

  • Personal information are required to sign in

That's where OwnerBe can kick in.

Board style

There are various ways to communicate, and they are discovering their own needs for better ways of communicating to deliver their projects to their potential fans and users. Finding information among endless chat conversations, distracting and busy feeds can be overwhelming. It will be difficult for new users to understand the content like existing members do. Such as the project's milestones, history and direction. Even for existing members, changes occur so quickly while looking at other projects. We chose a board style that is specialized in sorting and arranging information systematically. Our aim is to reduce the ever-changing state of the information presented. We want to make users feel at ease when accessing and recording information. This will strengthen the community by collecting their stories in one place. It will help reduce information scattering and confusion over unverified information.

  • Getting higher priority information at a glance

  • Providing membership spaces including private spaces for each collection

NFT-friendly platform

We addressed many problems with building your NFT community on NFT-unfriendly platforms already. These are the functions we are providing for now.

  • Only NFTs can be set as profile pictures

  • Verify NFTs without clicking the external links

  • No personal information is required, just connect the wallet and set the profile

We started with the emergence of NFT and believe there is so much potential in it. Many NFT communities are starting to grow with their own common interests. OwenrBe is the platform that connects all those interest-based NFT communities.

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