Ecosystem(Reward pool)

40% of $BEST goes to OwnerBe users in the form of rewards.

$BEST in the reward pool will be distributed over 10 years in a gradually increasing manner. For the early-stage users, we planned to distribute 1% of $BEST in the reward pool.

After the early stage, the pool will be controlled by the governance. The token reward system works well when it comes to passive participation. But active participation is what is really needed for the community to grow in a healthy and genuine way. And it's difficult to achieve with the old-fashioned reward system. So the team is planning to focus on rewarding the core actions for the platform. And we will discuss how and what to reward our ecosystem fund with governance.

As of now, there are some core actions that we came up with.

  1. Referral

  2. Curation - Encouraging good content and arranging information.

  3. Contribution - Growing traffic, Good quality content, etc.

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