• Reward pool: Users' activities will be rewarded from the reward pool.

  • Treasury: Treasury's fund will refill the reward pool when it's dried and it can be used to support or fund solid NFT projects.

  • Ad pool: Ad pool will collect $BEST from ad payments and share the revenue with the users. The funds gathered in the ad pool will be distributed to post-NFTs(contents) following the algorithm. The algorithm will calculate different factors such as traffic, ad count, a ratio of likes to dislikes, etc.

Reward pool

The reward pool is reserved for the community.


It is the fund of the OwnerBe community.

Treasury is our key to scalability. Governance invests in a variety of projects, which become part of our community again. OwnerBe supports projects and the community grows together.

Ad pool

There will be space for ads in the post. Users in OwnerBe will be rewarded with $BEST based on how much revenue they generate from the ads attached to their posts. Customers who want to advertise on the post will pay the fee in $BEST. Half of the ad revenue goes into the ad pool, a quarter of it is for the Treasury, and another quarter will be the team's revenue to maintain and keep working for the platform.

The vast majority of social platforms' business models are based on online advertising. OwnerBe adopts the same model, but we believe the platform's owners should be its users. So OwnerBe shares the revenue and operates the platform with the users. The team won't keep the majority of tokens for themselves and make a profit by selling them to its users. While it is the existing crypto business' main revenue source. We are going to make our revenue from providing the utilities and services that will cost the tokens. In this way, it would be more reasonable and agreeable.

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