Sign up & Sign in

We don't ask your email or any other personal information for signing up. You just need your wallet to come and join us.

If you don't have a crypto wallet yet, follow the guide written by CoinDesk. As of now, we are supporting ETH and Polygon chain NFTs.

You can easily sign up and sign in by connect your wallet.

  1. To connect your wallet to OwnerBe, you need to click the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right corner.

  2. You need to login wallet with your password. And the "Signature Request" will ask you for the permission to check your asset.

  3. Click the Sign button.

  4. Done! Your OwnerBe account has been created and you will sign in from the next time when you connect the wallet.

OwnerBe dosen't ask any permissions except for checking your asset to check your NFTs.

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