Ambiguous valuation cases for NFTs

Jack Dorsey's first tweet NFT went on sale for $48 million after one crypto entrepreneur bought it for $2.9 million. But it ended with a top bid of just $280.

There is an NFT project named ''. By saying "No roadmap, No Discord. No utility. CC0." Its creators demonstrated a disregard for utility, meaning, and so on. The minting cost was free and the floor price went up to around 7 ETH with the hype.

Many people have shared various opinions about the β€˜value’ of NFTs. Some projects failed to generate any value and caused various forms of economic and psychological harm. As well as investment losses before disappearing into thin air under the guise of being a social experiment. A few successful projects have survived and are showing the potential of NFTs, but there are still many concerns about them.

Now various types of NFTs are coming up with a varied range of utilities. In the art section, by eliminating intermediaries, the cost went to the artists and new blood got more chances to get into the market. For the software, the NFT became an access key for unlocking it.

NFTs are still in their early stages, and opinions are divided about their value. Are NFTs really worthless or just overvalued? OwnerBe aims to find the answer the OwnerBe way.

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